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    Being Green

    Reardon Pallet Company, Inc. is proud to offer “green” products. We dismantle end-of-life pallets and are able to use component parts to make pallets in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. By using completely reclaimed lumber, we are able to meet specific needs for our customers such as:

    • Environmentally-conscious companies
    • Small orders
    • One-time use applications
    • Unique board-spacing requirements
    • Oddly-sized pallet requirements

    Reardon Pallet Company, Inc. also offers combination pallets, which are essentially hybrid pallets which include new and recycled components to make pallets. You will hardly know the difference between a new pallet and a combination pallet!

    Contact Reardon Pallet Company, Inc. today at (816) 221-3300 to discuss your needs and if you are interested in having a “green” pallet used for your business!